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Guama – A sweet pod with a fun seed

Guama (Inga feuilleei) is a rather peculiar “fruit” that can sometimes be found on carts around Bogotá. I had never tried it but always heard about it because of a Colombian saying that goes, “salió como pepa de guama“. The seeds are a … Continue reading

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Fruit Stands on the Road

This beautiful fruit stand is one of many on the road from Bogotá to Anapoima (via Girardot). It’s definitely a favorite stop on the way back home to the city to bring something more tropical to the chilly plateau. Bananas, … Continue reading

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Surtifruver de la Sabana: A Produce Wonderland

I love produce. I love green markets, farmer’s markets, kitchen gardens, CSA’s and pretty much anything that has to do with fresh fruits and vegetables. You wouldn’t believe me though, if you looked in my fridge. I admit that I’m … Continue reading

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