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Colombian Fruit Juices – A Love Story

Guest post by Drew Sullivan of Mantaraya Colombia Travel Blog When it comes to lubricating a dry throat, freshly squeezed fruit juice is as good as it gets. The sweet, natural, aromatic flavors of fresh fruit trample over that of soft … Continue reading

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Bogotá Wine Culture and educating the Colombian consumer

Wine consumption in Colombia has increased by almost 30% in the last year and that’s partly why so many high-end wine stores keep popping up around Bogotá. The Wine Store is a prime example. But I wonder…who is their toughest competition: large … Continue reading

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Andrés Carne de Res in Chía & Andrés D.C.

30 years in the making: a Colombian wining, dining, partying institution There are some places that go beyond ordinary and become legendary. Andrés Carne de Res in Chía (about 40 minutes outside of Bogotá) is one of these places. Ask just about anyone in Bogotá what … Continue reading

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La Botica de Café: Colombian coffee gets sophisticated

La Botica de Café at the new Bogotá Hilton is creating coffee culture. A tinto (black coffee) in most places can be, and oftentimes is, average  – probably from not being prepared properly or from sitting in a coffee pot or thermos for too long. Not to … Continue reading

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Bogotá Beer Company: Pub and Tour Cervecero

Colombia is a big beer drinking country. In some places, particularly in more rural areas, you are likely to see a group of people sitting around a table with dozens of empty beer bottles. I guess it’s the best way … Continue reading

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Bogotá’s Bamboo Vending Vehicle

Bet you’ve never seen one of these! We spotted this right outside the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum) in downtown Bogotá. Tinto (black coffee), aromática and snacks for sale…

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Panela: in sickness and in health

Thanks to the wonky weather we’ve been having lately, it seems like everyone is getting sick. It’s been a few weeks since I recovered from my scratchy throat and overall malaise but it was enought to knock me off my … Continue reading

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Agua Aromática at the Plaza de Bolívar

It’s been unusually cold lately in Bogotá. The weather is supposed to be like this normally and historically, but we’ve been spoiled by much milder temperatures in the last few years. With no central heating anywhere, Bogotanos have come up with other ways … Continue reading

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Bogotá’s Ciclovía Street Food

This past weekend I went for a bike ride in Bogotá’s Ciclovía, the one day a week that dozens of city streets are closed off in order to give people mile upon mile of open roads for biking, skating and … Continue reading

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FRaTeLLi eSPReSSo BaR for a Downtown Bogotá Lunch

UPDATE: FRaTeLLi has a new location in Zona G! Carrera 5 No. 69-27 This week I had the pleasure of having lunch for the second time at Fratelli Espresso Bar at the San Martin shopping center downtown. I don’t go downtown … Continue reading

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