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Slow Food Bogotá – The Yuca Event

So, I went to a Slow Food Bogotá event back in November of 2012 and I’m just posting it now…no, this is not an April Fools joke. It actually took me nearly 5 months to post this…yeah, I know. Anyways, … Continue reading

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CONOSUR: The joy of eating with your hands

It seems like there’s always a new restaurant opening somewhere around Bogotá. They usually just come and go but Conosur, which opened in 2008, is still here breaking the mold of your average casual dining destination. The concept was inspired by the … Continue reading

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LOCAL {Gastronomía Nacional}: Colombian Cuisine with an Urban Spin

Appreciation for Colombian cuisine in Bogotá is constantly improving and evolving – it is after all more than just ajiaco and empanadas, and it holds the same potential for creative expression as any other cuisine. Aside from the fact that … Continue reading

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