The Food Trucks of Bogotá

Guest post by Ann Woodward

Similar to other large cities around the world, Bogotá has embraced the culinary trend of food trucks. According to La República, over 30 trucks operate regularly in Bogotá. Many owners view the trucks as a way to have a food business without the high prices associated with renting a restaurant space. The ability to service different locations around the city is an added bonus.

Bogota Food Trucks

Monday through Saturday, six food trucks are stationed at The Food Truck Park, a parking lot at the corner of Calle 81 and Carrera 14 near Centro Comercial Atlantis.

The Food Truck Park is an interesting lunch option for those who work in the area, either as a respite from typical restaurants or to perhaps satisfy a group of colleagues with different food cravings. The trucks’ offerings skew heavily towards meat (this is Colombia after all!), though vegetarian options and salads are available. Prices for meal-sized portions generally range from 10,000 – 20,000 Colombian pesos (~$5 – 9 US dollars).

food trucks in bogota

If you’d like to grab a bite to eat while bar-hopping in Zona T or Zona Rosa, the trucks serve food until midnight on Fridays & Saturdays.

I visited The Food Truck Park during lunchtime on Friday, October 31. As part of a special event for the Halloween holiday, nine additional trucks were parked in a second lot on the same block.

Here’s a list of the vendors participating that day:

I Love Choripan – choripan (chorizo or chicken sandwiches) & hamburgers

Roller Toaster – salads

Bacon Street – hamburgers & poutine

Patacón Pecao – fried plantain baskets filled with seafood or meat

Rustica DC – pulled pork sandwiches, hamburgers & nachos

Alheli – snacks for sharing (sandwiches, arepas & empanadas)

Francachella (kiosk) – cupcakes & smoothies

Taco Kardia – Mexican street food

Nomada Cocina Urbana – hamburgers & corn dogs

De Picnik a tu manera – wok-prepared dishes with rice, noodle or veggie base

Costi Ribs – BBQ ribs & grilled meat

El Andariego – shrimp skewers, corn on the cob & arepas

Oreto – pizza

Eco Urbano – artisanal wrap sandwiches

Gorila Fusion – Asian/Mexican fusion

Sabiz – ice cream, shaved ice & sweets such as churros

I settled on a Venezuelan-style arepa filled with beef and cheese from Nomada Cocina Urbana. When combined with a small soft drink, the cost was 8,500 pesos ($4).

A Venezuelan-style arepa stuffed with goodness from Nomada Cocina Urbana. Image source:

A Venezuelan-style arepa stuffed with goodness from Nomada Cocina Urbana. Image source:

If you don’t work or live near The Food Truck Park, food trucks also appear near Carrera 15 and Calle 93 on the first Sunday of every month. They also tend to be present at major cultural events in the city such as Noches en Blanco and Oktoberfest.

Check the individual truck pages for location-specific information and follow the Facebook page to learn about upcoming special events.


After working in New York City advertising agencies for 17 years, Ann Woodward began travelling full-time in October 2011. She is currently based in Bogotá. She blogs at East Village Nomad, and you can follow her travels on Facebook.


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