Chopinar: Chorizos, Pinchos & Arepas

Chopinar is a small fast food chain that serves some rather tasty Colombian snacks. You may have seen them around Bogotá at gas stations or at some free standing locations, but you’ll probably remember them because of Babe, the talking pig on their logo. It’s always nice to be reminded of what (or who) you’re eating, right? No, of course it’s not. But anyways…

The name – Chopinar – is a mash up of the 3 items served at this place –  CHORIZO, PINCHO and AREPA. The important thing to remember is not that you are eating a little piggy but that the arepa with cheese is one of the best in town and that the chorizo and beef, chicken and pork pinchos (skewers) are perfect accompaniments to that arepa. The portions are also small enough that you could make it a snack or a meal depending on how hungry you are.

I remember the first time I took my family – they were all very skeptical. “Let’s just order one basket for the 5 of us”, they said. But before we got through the first basket someone had been nominated to go order 4 more. Need I say more?

It’s not fancy by any means, but it’s fast food and it’s Colombian – two things that are often only found in street food.

Chopinar has several locations around the city. The original is on Calle 53 # 16-04.

Other locations include:

  • Avenida Boyacá # 49-48
  • Cll. 151 # 32-19
  • Cll. 68 # 26-55
  • Ave. (Cra.) 30 Calle 70

About Diana Holguin

Bilingual voice talent and lover of food. Wayward Fork is where both worlds collide.
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7 Responses to Chopinar: Chorizos, Pinchos & Arepas

  1. ekamati108 says:

    This picture makes me want to eat. So happy to see you posting! Do they serve salads with the Cho-pin-ars?

    • dholguin says:

      It is pretty yummy…I think it’s fortunate that I don’t have any in walking distance from me, otherwise I’d go a lot more often. Of course they don’t have salads! Or if they do I’ve never seen anyone order one 🙂

  2. Nice post. Chopinar is soooo tasty! a bit pricey but good for a treat once in a while. A nice joint to try Colombian chorizo with arepa.

    • dholguin says:

      I agree, it’s a little pricey for what it is but it’s a necessary greasy sinful treat every now and then – and a good option for those who aren’t up for eating street food. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Brad says:

    OK, I’ll admit it: Chopinar is a guilty pleasure for me at least once a week. It’s more than double the price of street food, but for the extra cost I get consistently good meat and I don’t have to worry about the safety of the condiments, which is why I stopped eating street food. Pork pinchos with BBQ sauce and chorizos with aji… soooo good!

  4. Tsumi Yuya Omoto says:

    Please! You have to write more about Colombia and about Bogotá, because I love these place, one of my dreams is travel and meet them, the colombians and their capital city, including Cartagena, … I do not know very well the english language and less spanish but now I am learning it.

    From Ibaraki -Japan I send you many greetings! and:

    ¡gracias a ti para mostrar a mi de bella Colombia!

  5. Ameressence says:

    We are Candice and Fede, a French writer and an Argentinian photographer. We are getting in touch with you because we are working on a very interesting project called Ameressence.

    Ameressence is an artistic project that combines short stories and photographs to depict the cultural diversity on the American continent and to create a bond between its people. Human beings often tend to differentiate themselves from the ”other” (based on criteria like race, religion, culture, language or social class) and they forget how similar and close we actually are from each other. But are the concerns, aspirations and dreams of a Chilean or Ecuadorian really that different from the ones of a Canadian or Alaskan?

    We are running the project in Kickstarter:


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