La Xarcuteria: original handcrafted sausages in Bogotá

La Xarcuteria is more than just a sausage shop. For me, it satisfies like comfort food but also impresses with its creative combinations, adding something new and different to the casual dining scene. That’s why I’d rate  it as one of the most exciting new restaurants in Bogotá at the moment.

It has all the makings of a great establishment: nice ambience, fantastic food, attention to detail, and even great music – I mean, how often do you hear the Grateful Dead in Bogotá?! Not often enough, in my opinion.

Homemade sausages or salchichas are their specialty but I didn’t try one on my first visit. I was drawn to the cheeseburger, cooked medium rare with real cheddar cheese (imported). I also chose fried chicken hearts with alioli dipping sauce to accompany my burger. “They’re like nothing you’ve ever tasted”, I was told. And they were right. I’ve been back 3 times and ordered  chicken hearts with each meal.

Aside from the highly recommended cheeseburger, there’s a variety of handcrafted sausages like: boudin blanc, chorizo, pork sausage, chicken sausage, a thai beef sausage with rice noodles (you can see pieces of noodle through the casing), and specials like italian and andouille sausage.

Each one comes in a toasted bun with a topping that perfectly complements the sausage (like the chicken sausage with green apple and fennel slaw, pictured below).

The place has great colors, lighting and a long mirror that makes the narrow space feel a lot bigger than it is. On two out of three visits the service was perfect; the third time was a little spotty but that won’t stop me from going back.

What truly counts is the work that goes into the handcrafted sausages, the creative fried side dishes (fritos) and the specials. You’ll be tempted with fried cauliflower and capers, philly cheese steak au jus, bbq ribs, and for you Canadians, there’s even poutine on the menu. It’s not a terribly extensive menu but everything sounds so appealing that it’s difficult to decide on what to eat.

French Fries / Chicken Hearts

La Xarcuteria serves a dressed up version of comfort food that suits me just fine and continues to set the bar higher for other restaurants of its kind in Bogotá.

La Xarcuteria

Carrera 15 No. 83-52

Tel: 256-6652


Follow La Xarcuteia on Facebook and Twitter.

All the sausages are available uncooked to take home.


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Bilingual voice talent and lover of food. Wayward Fork is where both worlds collide.
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One Response to La Xarcuteria: original handcrafted sausages in Bogotá

  1. Andre says:

    they sell Poutine !! the only place in Colombia to do so, or at least i haven’t found another that sells this canadian wonder 🙂

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