The 7 Links Challenge: A look back at Bogotá Eats & Drinks

The 7 Links Challenge was created by in order to “unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.”

Me eating a tamal or doing research for Bogotá Eats & Drinks

And now here I am, happy to have been nominated by the good people at the See Colombia travel blog to dust off some old posts and share a few of my most memorable blogging moments with my readers.

Before I get going though, I must nominate 5 other bloggers to choose some of their best, most beautiful and proudest moments. So, here are my nominees from the blogosphere:

Mantaraya Colombia Travel Blog: Drew is also part of Proexport’s Official Blogger Program. You’ll find all kinds of useful and insightful articles about Colombia here and plenty of reasons to come visit.

Mike’s Bogotá Blog: Mike, another fellow Official Blogger, writes about current issues in Colombia. With everything from cultural to political and every day topics, you’re sure to learn something new about Colombia on every visit.

Mis Aventuras Gastronomicas en Bogotá: This blog is in Spanish and has some great restaurants reviews, recipes, tips and more. Roni makes some great observations about Bogotá’s dining scene and even has an online radio program where he interviews Colombian chefs and foodies.

Brickell Life: Chad’s blog is one way I can stay in touch with Miami so I don’t lose touch with my home town. Some of his topics include Colombia, his balcony garden and Miami history.

Eggton: A friend introduced me to this blog a few months ago and I’ve been following it ever since. It’s always a good laugh plus there’s a recipe with every post and pictures of Thunder, the puppy.

And now, without further ado, here are my 7 Links:

The Most Beautiful Post:

El Cocuy National Park, Boyacá (and a little lamb)

Laguna Grande de la Sierra seen from the top of Pan de Azúcar

The pictures just don’t do it justice, but I think my most beautiful post was one I wrote about my trip to the Cocuy National Park in Boyacá. This 5-day trekking adventure was rough but totally worth it.

The Most Popular Post:

Andrés Carne de Res in Chia & Andrés D.C.

andrés carne de res chia

Andrés Carne de Res, Andrés D.C. and La Plaza de Andrés always, without question, get the most attention on the blog. It’s not really all that surprising – these places are special for so many reasons and definitely worth a visit.

The Most Controversial Post:

My Menu Collection: Or a mild case of kleptomania

This is my most controversial post because it involves stealing…just a little bit and only sometimes. The menu above is my most recent acquisition. I sneakily rolled it up and stuffed it into the sleeve of my jacket. Then, to my horror, I saw a security guard checking everyone on their way out of Andrés at 3 a.m. I panicked as the guard started patting me down, but when she discovered my hidden treasure, she just smirked and let me go – turns out I wasn’t stealing after all.

The Most Helpful Post:

Panela in sickness and in health

In case you didn’t know, agua de panela is something you drink in Colombia as soon as you feel a cold coming on. It has properties that help you sweat out the sickness and recover but it’s also great served chilled on a hot day.

The Post Whose Success Most Surprised Me:

Nick’s: Bogotá’s Go-To Deli

This post’s success surprised me because it got a lot more views than any other post before it. This may well have been the blog post that marked the turning point for the Bogotá Eats & Drinks – from something of a hobby, to a blog that people were actually reading.

The Post That Didn’t Get The Attention it Deserved:

El Motorista and Chiguiro Meat 

This was one of my first posts ever; you could say it was the meal that inspired a blog. Chiguiro is a large rodent and a damn tasty one at that. It deserves a lot more attention and a better reputation.

The Post I’m Most Proud Of:

Colombia’s Official Blogger Program Takes Off

Official Bloggers - Photo courtesy of

I’m going to take See Colombia’s lead and make this my proudest moment too. It’s been a good year so far for Bogotá Eats & Drinks. First, I was selected to be among 30 other bloggers to write about Colombia and promote the country to the world. The blog was also nominated for Best Latin American Weblog for the 2012 Bloggie Awards (Congratulations to Banana Skin Flip Flops who ended up winning in that category!).

So that’s that – this trip down memory lane by way of 7 Links has been a good time and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Here’s to a lot more eating and a lot more posts to come…


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Bilingual voice talent and lover of food. Wayward Fork is where both worlds collide.
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  1. gudgel007 says:

    I can’t way for next year when we go to Bogota IS a MUST STOP OH yea!! 😉

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