La Botica de Café: Colombian coffee gets sophisticated

La Botica de Café at the new Bogotá Hilton is creating coffee culture. A tinto (black coffee) in most places can be, and oftentimes is, average  – probably from not being prepared properly or from sitting in a coffee pot or thermos for too long. Not to mention the fact that most of the best coffee beans are exported to places with sophisticated coffee cultures. But even from the point of view of a staunch tea drinker, coffee at La Botica de Café is something to look forward to and savor – like a good glass of wine. 

Kyoto Slow Dripper

Bogotá’s continued gastronomic evolution has brought a lot of new players to the coffee scene who want to showcase Colombian coffee domestically. In this case, Cafe Devotion is responsible for putting Colombian coffee in its right place – on a pedestal in the middle of Bogotá, where else?

You step inside from the mad rush of the septima (one of Bogotá’s busiest streets) and suddenly you feel like you’ve been transported to a Parisian apothecary (Botica means pharmacy). Its charming decoration makes you want to sit back and read through the list of Boutique, Grand Cru and Exotic coffees, each with a very detailed outline of the bean’s origin, flavor profile, and recommended brewing methods, depending on the kind of coffee and its qualities (Espresso, Pour over dripper, French press, Sifon and Kyoto slow dripper).

You can tell that there is a lot of passion behind La Botica de Café and whether you are a coffee connoisseur or just an amateur, you should stop by and check it out. A cup of 100% Colombian coffee can cost you between $3,500 and $15,000 pesos and there is a selection of cookies and cakes to accompany your selection. The staff is also well-versed in the subject of coffee and is more than happy to help you decide what to order in case you feel overwhelmed with choices.

Botica de CaféHILTON Bogotá – street level

Carrera 7 # 72-41

Photographs courtesy of Mark Genney


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3 Responses to La Botica de Café: Colombian coffee gets sophisticated

  1. That’s the first place I’m going when I get ‘home’ to Bogota!

  2. ekamati108 says:

    One reason I love your blog is you set my agenda of things to do when I get back–first stop your house for the Luna dinner, second stop, this cafe, and third stop–more tejo!

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