A hole-in-the-wall “tienda” in La Candelaria

And I mean no disrespect when I say hole-in-the-wall; that’s just what it is…literally.

I’ve been considering the idea of embarking on an in-depth study of Colombia‘s snack vendors. It seems there is always a tienda or shopping cart-turned snack vendor right around the corner. Leading to the conclusion that Colombians are constantly snacking.

Notice that amid all the packaged food there are four little piles of fruit: apples, pears,  plums and peaches.

This place is in the historic downtown neighborhood of La Candelaria.

Stay tuned for more…

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One Response to A hole-in-the-wall “tienda” in La Candelaria

  1. Great!! It is la tienda de alejo.. Places like this are one of the things we most miss outside Colombia

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