Anthony Bourdain in Colombia

A good friend from high school came to visit me last month and I made a point of feeding her well. We missed some of the “main attractions” like Monserrate and the Gold Museum but she didn’t seem to mind. She gave me the best compliment I can possibly think of:

“I feel like i’m on an episode of No Reservations! It’s amazing.”

To celebrate this, I give you Tony’s show on Colombia from a few years ago. It’s about time he came back…

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3 Responses to Anthony Bourdain in Colombia

  1. ekamati108 says:

    Wait, but where is your play by play of the week?

  2. ekamati108 says:

    Wow, in April, I wrote, where is the play by play….and 8 months later I am back…Id love even the short version of that entry…or to help you launch that business of Bogota eats and drinks tours. Sorry I haven’t been commenting all these months. Hope to be a regular reader and commenter now that I am all caught up. My basic take away is you are an excellent writer, photographer and discoverer. More is better, short is just as good.

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