CONOSUR: The joy of eating with your hands

It seems like there’s always a new restaurant opening somewhere around Bogotá. They usually just come and go but Conosur, which opened in 2008, is still here breaking the mold of your average casual dining destination. The concept was inspired by the ‘temakerías‘ of Brazil specializing in hand rolls (large cone-shaped sheets of nori filled with sushi rice and a variety of ingredients). Sure, the concept sounds familiar and yet this isn’t your average temakería at all.

The food here is delicious and innovative and they make an awesome temaki, but for me Conosur’s real stars are their patacón cones – the Colombianization of the temaki. Thin sheets of fried green plantain expertly shaped into cones and then filled with quality ingredients. The results are – mouthwatering…

Mexican Shrimp Ceviche (stop drooling!)

Caribeño - shredded beef, ripe plantains, black beans, avocado and suero costeño (like sour cream)

With so many choices it’s hard to settle on what cones to order. Conosur makes it slightly easier for you by offering a variety of combinations of temaki, patacón and even rice krispie cones with home made ice cream.

For example, a Conosur Combo (your choice of 1 temaki, 1 patacón and 1 rice krispie cone) could look something like this:

  • Tempura Calamari temaki (pictured below)
  • Patacón Costeño (fried fish, coconut rice, and avocado)
  • Rice Krispie cone with two scoops of MILO brownie ice cream

A well rounded, satisfying, and did I mention mouthwatering meal is in the palm of your hand! And don’t be fooled by the “little” cones – you won’t be hungry afterwards.

Tempura Calamari with suero costeño, mango and masago

If you’re in Bogotá, I’d definitely recommend Conosur. After a few cones and some fresh fruit juice, you’ll probably be recommending it too.

Mora ice cream

Conosur has several locations around the city as well as a delivery option.

Usaquén: Calle 119 # 5-76

Calle 69: Calle 69A # 4/72

Conosur 81: Cra. 9 # 81-27

Conosur 84: Cra. 13 # 84-96

Tel: 235 0311


About Diana Holguin

Bilingual voice talent and lover of food. Wayward Fork is where both worlds collide.
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4 Responses to CONOSUR: The joy of eating with your hands

  1. ekamati108 says:

    These pictures are amazing. Do they have the traditional seaweed cones or is it all colombianized???

  2. Wow. Now I’m hungry. And MILO brownie ice cream?!? *drools*

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