Agua Aromática at the Plaza de Bolívar

It’s been unusually cold lately in Bogotá. The weather is supposed to be like this normally and historically, but we’ve been spoiled by much milder temperatures in the last few years. With no central heating anywhere, Bogotanos have come up with other ways to deal with the cold.

One such remedy is agua aromática (aromatic water), or as I liked to call it when I was little, agua romántica (romantic water). This weekend on a chilly stroll through La Candelaria, we got some piping hot agua aromática from a vendor on wheels in the Plaza de Bolívar. You can find this drink at practically any restaurant, office and street corner throughout the city.

The aromas waft around in the crisp air and linger for blocks as several herbs and aromatics gently simmer away. Each vendor adds their own special touch – different combinations and intensities of herbs including spearmint, chamomile, hierba buena (mint), lemon balm, cidrón, sometimes fruits and even the occasional spice such as cinammon to name but a few things. This one in particular had some oranges in his pot and served the steaming drink with lemon juice and a bit of honey.

At about 50 cents a cup, it’s probably one of the best and most delicious ways to warm up your insides. So, when you smell it – and you will – enjoy a cup…


About Diana Holguin

Bilingual voice talent and lover of food. Wayward Fork is where both worlds collide.
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6 Responses to Agua Aromática at the Plaza de Bolívar

  1. ekamati108 says:

    I love the pictures and aromatica. It could be on my short list top ten reasons to love Bogota list. Please keep writing, these posts are great!

  2. marcowho says:

    delipcious! and what about tintico with panela!

  3. dukerentals says:

    Top 10 reasons to love Bogota … ekamati108, there aren’t 10 things to like about Bogota. It is a crime-infested,dirty eye-sore. This tea is everywhere in South America. Save your money and go to Medellin, or Quito

    • Dear Dukerentals,
      First of all, there is no tea is agua aromática – it’s an herbal infusion. Sorry that you feel that way about Bogotá…makes me wonder where you were and with whom. Although my relationship with the city is sometimes love/hate, it is pretty great and I have yet to meet an expat or foreigner that would have such negative comments about the capital. I’d suggest you give it a second chance. And if you are trying to convince Ekamati108 not to love Bogotá… GOOD LUCK. She is looking to stay here for several years more. That is love for a city!

      • dukerentals says:

        I am a gringo from Chicago and have traveled al over the world … 26 countries so far. I have lived in Bogota for about 1 year. Soon I will move to Ecuador, you can have Bogota.

      • Wow, good for you! So, I’ll keep Bogotá and you go enjoy Ecuador. I have a relative that lives outside of Quito and he really likes it there. Good luck and happy trails. Ciaooooooo

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