Fusión Colombia: An Opportunity for a Better Tomorrow

Article from USAIDs “Additional Investment for Sustainable Alternative Development (MIDAS)” Program

Thanks to the work carried out by communities supported by USAID-UNODC-AS, Bogotá’s business sector was introduced to the quality of Alternative Development products during the Fusión Colombia event held earlier this year – a meeting between beneficiary association representatives and the city’s major hotel chains and restaurants.

It was the perfect opportunity for community representatives supported by international cooperation, to showcase the results of their work in the rural sector. Fusión Colombia took place at Bogotá’s Hotel La Fontana and nearly 25 associations from different regions of the country introduced their outstanding products to some of the city’s most important chefs (Harry Sasson, Daniel Kaplan, etc.).

Representatives of the Asosiación Apropezca, for example, landed an important deal with Luis Forero, Executive Chef for the Estelar Hotel Group, to sell trout not only in Bogotá, but also in several hotels across the country. Several other community representatives also managed to establish valuable contacts which will allow them to take their products to several of the capital’s restaurants and hotels in the near future.

One of the biggest problems faced by these communities is marketing their products, particularly when potential buyers are located at a distance. That is why Fusión Colombia created this space to allow associations to speak directly with chefs about the quality of their products and how purchasing and believing in Alternative Development plays an important role in Colombia’s social and rural development.

The event showed how Alternative Development is gaining strength in Colombia and that Colombians are willing to support these initiatives for a better country.

Read an article about Fusión Colombia on Acción Social’s webpage and see some pictures from the event.


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