A Day at the Park: Las Puertas del Cielo Recap

Sunday’s event was more enjoyable than I had expected. The weather behaved well, the food was delicious and very satisfying, and the people watching was top-notch. Las Puertas del Cielo, an increasingly popular independent design festival, is definitely worth a visit when it happens again in two months.

El Parque del Chicó is really beautiful, with huge pine trees and stone structures scattered about. It was the perfect venue for this event and even though there were a lot of people, the tents, food area and concert were distributed around the park very well and it never felt overly crowded.

PURA VIDA Green Store & Juice Bar

Pura Vida Green Store was there and although they don’t have a store yet, you can order organic vegetables from local farmers who are still in touch with traditional farming techniques and say no to monoculture. Support farmers from Cota, Tabio, Tenjo and other nearby towns. Find Pura Vida on Facebook (PURA VIDA Greent Store) or Twitter (@PuraVida GS).

Choripan Production Line

I love Choripan! The  name says it all. We tried two of their chorizos: traditional Argentinean and spicy Andouille and both were mouth-wateringly good (we got the very last argentinean chorizo of the day). The simplicity of the choripan is a beautiful thing – a great chorizo, fresh baguette and a generous slather of chimichurri. I love Choripan will soon be opening in the same building as Armando Records (Calle 85 No. 14-46) along with OPA! Gyros, which we also love.

My heart belongs to Choripan

Of course there was a beverage tent with soft drinks and wine. Unfortunately by the time we showed up there were no plastic wine glasses left. What to do? Well, we were desperate so we got two coffees and used the empty paper cups, but by the time we made it back to the beverage tent there wasn’t any red wine left. This Chardonnay from Chile was perfectly drinkable but with an unusual hint of coffee.


All in all it was an afternoon packed with designer handicrafts, clothes, jewelry, food, hipsters, 80’s sneakers galore, some more hipsters and a pretty darn good band from Cali that I hadn’t heard of before – Superlitio.

Here’s one of their latest videos for your listening and viewing enjoyment. See you at the next event.


About Diana Holguin

Bilingual voice talent and lover of food. Wayward Fork is where both worlds collide.
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