Omri Garbanzo and Falafel Bar

Omri Garbanzo and Falafel Bar

Omri Garbanzo and Falafel Bar

I sincerely love falafel, so when a friend told me about this falafel bar I wasted very little time in getting over there. I rode over on my bike, parked out front and sat down to a pita stuffed with falafel and all the fillings, sauces, salads you could imagine. It was heaven in a pita pocket.

Falafel Pita with the works

Shawarma, hummus, kibbeh, falafel, soups…the menu is extensive and on my first visit everything was fresh, prepared quickly and -most importantly – delicious. There are well-priced combos that are always a bonus when looking for a quick yet satisfying lunch.

menu omri

Omri Menu Sample

My dining and riding companion had the shawarma platter which was also quite tasty and was accompanied by some fries and a cucumber and tomato salad. Actually everything was very, very good. On top of everything it always makes me feel better when there is an owner and/or chef around and they were.

Omri Shawarma

Omri Garbanzo and Falafel Bar out front

My bike is the blue one up front, custom-made by Nick at BiciDici. The mountain bike behind it is also a creation of BiciDici and belongs to the gentleman sitting back there in his shades.

Carrera 13 No. 94A – 26 Local 1

Bogotá, Colombia (near Parque de la 93)

Tel. 476.7678

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2 Responses to Omri Garbanzo and Falafel Bar

  1. ekamati108 says:

    Great photos. Would love to hear how you are using this, the tags, the FB fans, etc. Ive subscribed to new posts via email. So, I hope youll be posting more soon. Looking forward to digging through your past posts!

  2. Marcela says:

    Hi! Is the restaurant still working? I’ve tried calling several times but there is no way to contact it.

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