LA BARRA Hospitality Awards 2010

La Barra magazine is hosting its 5th Annual Hospitality Awards ceremony tonight at El Moderno school in Bogotá. Each year all the best players in the hospitality industry are awarded in 39 categories including best restaurants, cafes and fast food chains; best restaurant equipment dealers; best purveyors and markets, etc. There are 638 participating judges, 762 nominees, 390 award-winners and more than 1,000 votes submitted by the public for “Best Restaurant”. Winners are awarded a plate that they can proudly hang on the wall of their establishment.

La Barra Hospitality awards in BogotaA lot of the categories are dominated by the same restaurants over and over again. For example, Criterion, Astrid & Gaston, Harry Sasson, etc. Of course these people and places are definitely doing something right, but hopefully more restaurants will start to become award-worthy too. I think it’s just a matter of time before this will start to happen.

Right now though, because of this tendency of repeated winners, there’s a long list of establishments that are honored but are no longer up for any awards. Basically if you’ve won in the same category for more than two years in a row you’re out. I think it’s fair at this stage but there are a lot of people who beg to differ.

So stay tuned to see who this year’s winners are and for now check out the results from 2009.

La Barra is one of the the few hospitality magazines in Colombia, which makes it a great resource for people in the industry. Another magazine in the same category is Catering. If you know of any other trade magazines for hospitality in Colombia, please share.


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