Fruit Stands on the Road

Fruit stand strip

This beautiful fruit stand is one of many on the road from Bogotá to Anapoima (via Girardot). It’s definitely a favorite stop on the way back home to the city to bring something more tropical to the chilly plateau.

Bananas, plantains, mangos, pineapples, papaya, guanabana (soursop), cherimoya, oranges, mandarins, guavas, watermelons, etc….

Colombia's exotic fruits


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Bilingual voice talent and lover of food. Wayward Fork is where both worlds collide.
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3 Responses to Fruit Stands on the Road

  1. ChadC says:

    Looks delicious. One of the best parts of visiting Bogota is the tremendous amount of fresh fruit. Tried mangostinos for the first time when i was there over the holidays from a street vendor. OMG delicious. Like lychee, but not as overtly sweet.

    Congrats on the move to WordPress. Blog looks great. Keep it up. You have fans in Miami!

    • bogotaeats says:

      Hi Chad,

      The fruits here really are amazing, aren’t they? Fresh and in fruit juices and salads, like salpicón. There is such an incredible variety.

      Mangosteen’s are one of my favorite fruits too and they are in season here at the moment which means they are plentiful and inexpensive – heavenly!

      In southeast Asia they are considered the “Queen of Fruits”!

  2. Thank you for the entertaining read! Alright playtime is over and back to school work.

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