The Black Bean Fiasco

The day before yesterday I decided I would make black beans. Why not? I love black beans!

My mother, on the other hand, could think of a reason why not. “You don’t have a pressure cooker. Those beans will never cook, not at this altitude.” At the time, I considered it an o.k. reason, but I thought they would cook…eventually…right?

Well, I soaked them overnight, as recommended, then I started cooking them following a great recipe adapted from Steve Raichlen’s “Miami Spice”. One hour went by. Then two and three hours elapsed and still, my stubborn  little back beans were still pretty damn hard. Blasted beans!!!!

So, Mommy, you were right and I deserve the “I told you so”. Last night after 3 1/2 hours I turned off the stove and let the beans cool. Right now they’re in the fridge and I’m hoping to come home later with the almighty invention called the pressure cooker to finish the job and hopefully have black beans and rice for dinner.

Paula Crossfield

On another note, I found it to be quite a coincidence that Mark Bittman posted this article just a few days ago on his NYT blog, Bitten. The topic: pressure cooking! These pressure cookers have always made me a little nervous but after last night I think I have no choice than to learn how to operate this apparatus – even if it means cooking with a helmet on in case it explodes!

So, wish me luck and I’ll be back with another post soon, hopefully good news on the black bean front, and a great recipe for soupy black beans.


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Bilingual voice talent and lover of food. Wayward Fork is where both worlds collide.
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One Response to The Black Bean Fiasco

  1. Melissa T says:

    No wonder! I’ve been cooking the same pot of black beans for 1.5 hours each night this week after work with no luck! Good to know!

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