Cuy = Guinea Pig = Lunch?

As of yet, I haven’t had the pleasure of eating cuy (guinea pig). I saw them being roasted at a food festival earlier this year – a  whole “litter”, if you will, skewered onto a revolving spit-like contraption – kind of a like a ferris wheel for when you plan on having your pets for lunch.

Well, today Bubba traveled to Pasto, Nariño,  in the south-western tip of Colombia. Cuy is a delicacy there, as it is in many Andean countries  like Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia – so naturally he ate one.
“The skin is crispy like lechona and the inside is kind of like chicken but more slimy.” (eeewww, is all I have to say).
As you can see in the picture they leave on the head and everything, making it very difficult to forget what you are actually eating. Plus, before they bring you the main dish (pictured), you are served up the cuy liver, to open your appetite, of course.
As unappetizing as all this sounds I do plan on trying cuy at least once in my lifetime. I have eaten the largest rodent on Earth and I’ll eat this little domesticated one someday too…sure am looking forward to it – I think.
Above, we have a close-up of the head, jaw wide open. This picture alone is making me think twice about eating cuy.
And here we have a picture of the fine establishment where the cuy was eaten – don’t forget to write down the name for your next trip to Pasto!!!

About Diana Holguin

Bilingual voice talent and lover of food. Wayward Fork is where both worlds collide.
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2 Responses to Cuy = Guinea Pig = Lunch?

  1. Brynn says:

    Ah, I told you I tried "buffalo guinea wings" in Cusco, didn't I? They came complete with fingers (!) After that experience and speaking to my friend Amilcar, I found out that that cuy is supposed to taste best when stewed with root vegetables. It makes sense to me- The skin is extremely fatty and hard to get through, and the "slimy" part about the meat is right-on. If I ever have the chance to cuy again, I'm definitely going for the broth-version!

  2. DMH says:

    Yeah, you did tell me about that! I had forgotten. Well, I am glad to hear you would try it again….I never knew you were such an adventurous eater!Thanks for stopping by Brynn!

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